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Rene Garza entered the aviation business in 1991 dreaming to build a name in aircraft sales. In 1996, Jet Mach was founded representing Bombardier Aviation in Mexico. After 9 years, we managed to position Bombardier jets at the top of their respective categories in market share with the exception of the ‘large’ category. In 2005, we decided to move away from an OEM focus to a client focus, maximizing value every step of the way.

Our main goal is to deliver a personalized, world-class service supporting and advising our clients during their aircraft sale or acquisition process. We tailor our processes and services to each client’s needs, we adapt according to each client’s requirements.

Jet Mach is currently specialized in the Mexican market. Our decades of experience, client retention, countless testimonies of satisfaction, and transaction volume, makes us the regional leader in aircraft sales and acquisitions. Our long-standing and deep rooted client relationships reflect our diligence and professionalism during the transaction process. Furthermore, our expansive relationships across the globe and industry partnerships (Dassault, Bombardier and Skywash), allow us to find unique opportunities, often times off-market. Similarly, due to the caliber of our clients and track record, we are globally known to hold attractive and high-value inventory, which attracts a lot of attention world-wide.

Paired with strong top of the line clients and world-renowned partnerships in the aviation space, Jet Mach truly offers an exceptional service. Whether you want to buy an aircraft, or sell one, our competitive advantage will put you ahead, every, single, time.


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Market Intelligence

The best decisions are supported with data and updated quality information.
We continually monitor the market to provide valuable information to our clients.

The acquisition process

We find the aircraft that best meets your needs, taste and budget.
We support and advice you during the whole transaction process to achieve a successful outcome.

1. We recommend the right aircraft based on the needs and budget of our client.

2. We identify the best buying opportunities in the market.

3. We identify and avoid pitfalls that can lead to additional costs and lost time for our client.

4. We are committed to negotiate the best deal for our client.

5. Our technical team verifies that the aircraft is in optimal condition, has fully updated maintenance documents, complete historical documentation, updated logbooks and more.

6. We efficiently coordinate with all the stakeholders throughout the different stages of the transaction (Escrow agents, legal council, service centers, custom agencies, etc.)

The sales process

We provide your aircraft with global exposure tailoring our marketing strategy to highlight the uniqueness of your aircraft.

1. Our team constantly monitors world aircraft markets leveraging industry KPI’s and our industry relationships.

2. We maintain an extensive database of aircraft buyers and sellers.

3. We strategically publish your aircraft in internationally recognized aviation portals and publications.

4. We have the experience and skills to promote, negotiate and successfully complete the sale of your aircraft.

5. We handle the entire transaction process and effectively coordinate with international aeronautical authorities and financial institutions including closing and final delivery.