• 47,361 sq. ft hangar space
  • Aircraft push-back
  • Flight dispatcher
  • Landing permits
  • Handling
  • Quick turns
  • Overnights
  • Catering
  • Ground transportation
  • Passenger transportation
  • Crew cars
  • Meeting rooms
  • Crew rest room
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Skywash International was developed for commercial and general aviation in response to increasing regulations for water efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions in all sectors of air transport. Based on this foundation, the Skywash mission is to provide cleaning and protection products to the commercial and business aviation industries that set the new standard for maintaining aircraft exteriors for fuel efficiency, water savings and long-term paint and corrosion protection.

Exclusive distributor in Mexico

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Exterior Detailing

Exterior cleaning service which include:

  • Decontamination, polish and sealing service for aircraft paint with Skywash products
  • Chromed leading edges and engines ring polish service
  • Boot sealing and cleaning service
    • One-year warrantee for paint services
    • Maintenance policy which includes painting, boots and chromed engines and leading edges (location: Aeropuerto del Norte, Mexico)

Interior Detailing

Interior cleaning services which include:

  • Detailed cleaning and leather hydration of seats
  • Detailed cleaning for belts, ceiling, sidewalls and pilot’s cockpit
  • Carpet cleaning with specialized equipment
  • Aircraft sanitizing with Skywash products

Aircraft Management

Is a service which allows you to manage aviation authority permissions and administrative process through all in one platform.

Administrating Management thru SARSA.